Wow, just reading back to my last post from July 1st last year when we had just lost Chris Squire, and now six months later, David Bowie gone??? Still can’t believe it, especially since the new album is so strong *I planned to buy it when I heard the single a few months ago and was blown away–will pick it up soon. And also Lemmy and Scott for that matter at the end of last year as well. Too much of that, Let’s hope for a better 2016 from now on! *(OK, and what happened a few days after I wrote that? Alan Rickman is dead. šŸ™ Just terrible news to start off the year. No one else, please?) (*recent edit—ok, obviously we have lost several more since this writing. Stay healthy everyone!)

I find that I haven’t been keeping up the site too much in the last six months, because I’m pretty much working on the second Monarch Trail record and not much is going on in the “Ken Baird” world. Although, I would like to thank the people who have recently bought albums–there have been a few sales as of late and it’s nice to know some people are still enjoying those albums.

Hopefully we will see another “Ken Baird” recording some day, but I’ve said earlier on this site that if we do, I think the main thing is to get Sue Fraser in for songs that focus on her singing rather than mine (as I’m already doing that in the Monarch Trail world and don’t feel a need to do more elsewhere, at least not right now)

So, it’s possible that I won’t be updating here too often unless there is something to report, and I do hope there will be something–I’ll also let you know when another long-delayed video for one of the older songs appears, as that is still on the back burner.

Hope everyone is doing well!