I did update the Monarch Trail site a few times over December, but the poor Ken Baird site has sadly been neglected again. I will try to get here more often–there’s a New Year’s resolution for me!

But there isn’t too much news for the “Ken Baird” releases lately in any case. Further Out was six years ago now, how time flies. I can actually think of the lyric from that song “There is so little time”.

But of course, there is the Monarch Trail stuff and 2015 will be a busy year for recording the next album. Much of it is already written by now, but the lyrics will continue to evolve over the first few months. In fact, I usually make quite a few last minute changes. As I’ve said before, another “Ken Baird” titled album is also not out of the question, it just may be quite a while before one appears. At least I have two songs written for it (well, the music part anyway) and I think both will be sung by Sue Fraser/will suit her voice better than mine.

In other news, good friend and  MT co-conspirator Steve Cochrane has done a remix of his 2007 album With or Without for a bandcamp-only release which can be heard here: http://stevecochrane.bandcamp.com/ Our other MT guitarists, John Mamone and Kelly Kereliuk continue with Prismind, and I really hope they do a record this year, will post a link when it happens—it sounds promising!

Chris, Dino and myself will finally be rehearsing the new material this month–we’ve had so many delays in 2014, but it’ll be great when it happens!

Cheers, all the best for 2015, and I’ll be back!