As the Ken Baird focus is kind of on hold these days due to focusing on Monarch Trail, I may as well talk about some other bands and artists that I like.

For example, I’m looking forward to the re-release of Steve Cochrane’s album “With or Without” on his Bandcamp site. He’s done some remastering and remixing and it sounds better than ever! I’ll post links here when it’s up, but here’s his site for now.

I’m also looking foward to getting Druckfarben’s new album “Second Sound”–hopefully at their gig in November.

Most of the releases I’ve bought so far this year are from more established acts such as IQ/Yes/Saga/Asia, but I also bought all of the early catalog of “Cirrus Bay” and will buy the new one too! Sounds good!

With Monarch Trail, we’re still in the writing phase for the next album, and will rehearse some of the new music in early November.

PS There should be a new video of a Ken Baird song coming in the next few months too!