OK, I’m a little late, writing this on August 28th but at least I’m here!

Things have been so busy with the promo of the Monarch Trail album “Skye” and working on new material for the band that a lot of the “Ken Baird” stuff has been put on hold, but it’s certainly been on my mind to do another record of some kind.

As I said in the July update, this should involve Sue Fraser as well and will either be a collection with some new material, or a re-issue, still including some new material, or a complete new album.

But, that’s all on the back-burner for now. The next new thing will be a youtube video of a song from one of my earlier albums. Coming soon! For now, here’s my video of “Martin Road” for those who may not have seen it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVMkwkbHO_0

Also, here’s the Monarch Trail website to see what we’ve been up to :  www.monarchtrail.com