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August 2014 update

OK, I’m a little late, writing this on August 28th but at least I’m here!

Things have been so busy with the promo of the Monarch Trail album “Skye” and working on new material for the band that a lot of the “Ken Baird” stuff has been put on hold, but it’s certainly been on my mind to do another record of some kind.

As I said in the July update, this should involve Sue Fraser as well and will either be a collection with some new material, or a re-issue, still including some new material, or a complete new album.

But, that’s all on the back-burner for now. The next new thing will be a youtube video of a song from one of my earlier albums. Coming soon! For now, here’s my video of “Martin Road” for those who may not have seen it.

Also, here’s the Monarch Trail website to see what we’ve been up to there:


July 1st 2014 update

Hello everyone, and to locals, Happy Canada Day!

I’ve been busy with initial promotion of the Monarch Trail band project and working on writing for the next Monarch Trail album, but I said I’m still going to update this site and I meant it, even if I missed doing a June update (sorry about that!)

Sales of Ken Baird albums appear to be on the rise again too and perhaps this is because of the promotion of “Skye”? In any case, thanks very much and welcome to those in Europe who recently bought Ken Baird albums!

This summer I expect we’ll have a new video for a song off of  “Fields”. We’ve already got the footage (actually filmed last year) we just have to put it together. Improvements to this site are also on the agenda! Again, if you need to email me, please use the “contact” section on the monarch trail site as we don’t have a working one on this site right now.

I’ve also been thinking about possibly doing another Ken Baird album. I’m also thinking this might be a Ken Baird/Sue Fraser type of record. It would be a few years off from now, but at least the idea is in my head.

Yet another thing that is hopefully going to happen this summer is a reunion/celebration of the band Perpetual Angelus.  It was 20 years ago this year that we released our “Echoes from the Sylvan Door” album on casssette, so we’re going to try and mark the anniversary somehow. Who knows, maybe something will come of us getting together, such as a possible release of the album on CD or even a new song?

Happy summer everyone,






May 1st update

It’s been a busy few weeks since we took the CD’s home from the factory and started getting things moving. Yes, I can now announce the band is called “Monarch Trail”! Our first album is called “Skye”, and the website, although still a work in progress, is getting better and more complete all the time. Please check out where you will find links to a new soundcloud page and you can hear a “collage” of all four tracks plus the first track of the album in it’s entirety.

I should probably say that while Monarch Trail will keep me busy for a while (we’re already prepping for the next album), there are some plans at the back of my mind to do another “Ken Baird” album as well.

Another thing to announce is that we’re definitely going to get a working email link up here for this site in a week or two, but for now, the contact/email section works on the Monarch Trail site, so feel free to reach me there.

More news soon!





April 2014 update

One might notice that I missed doing a March update entirely! We were busy with yet more final decisions but I can now say that the record is at the factory and it sounds really good! So, it won’t be too long now although much has to be set in place in the next few weeks, such as a new band website already underway, a new CDbaby page, a new youtube page, a new page at progarchives etc. It’ll be a little while till all that is in place as some of these sites depend on having the physical CD delivered to them first. We’ll do everything we can to get it all moving, but if you’re local, the CD will be at Records on Wheels in Dundas by the end of April.

A lot of cool albums seem to be getting released this year so I think we’re in very good company. Here’s a link to one of my favourite bands:

Anyway, please check back here often to see when we have more up about the new album. There should be lots of announcements from now on.

February Update

The album cover, inside cover and liner notes have been sent into the factory today and we’re almost at the final mix and mastering for the CD. We’re almost there, but I think the release date is probably in March now. Reading back to my earlier posts of the last few months, it’s a bit of slightly painful comedy to me how many times I’ve said “We’ll have it by the end of the month”!?! Still, better to get it right for the first printing!


January 2014 Update

Here’s wishing everyone a happy 2014! I should have the CDs by the end of the month or first weeks in February so things are more or less going according to schedule (the one I kept adjusting…)

More news soon, it’s sounding good!




December 2013 Update, part 2

Happy Christmas, happy Hanukkah, happy Festivus and everything else! I’m adding a few more keyboard parts here and there to the mix, but the rest of the mix/mastering is essentially ready to go and I still feel very hopeful about finally getting this to CD in January. Should be good!

December Update

I’m listening back to final mixes of the album and making small changes in the mastering this week. Just about ready to get this to the factory for the CDs—the album cover/graphics are also pretty much ready to go, so I think the January release is on schedule. Thanks to Steve Cochrane for all the help from his studio in the last 3 months, couldn’t have done this without you man! Also, thanks to Dave Carswell who’s dropped in on several key sessions and loaned some great keyboard gear including some wonderful mellotron sounds. Further thanks go out to Dave Kruger and Rob Adlers for additional production input.

I’ll do another update later this month.

Update, November 2013

It’s funny how one notices so many things about a project when it’s almost done. I’ve been doing all kinds of minor and sometimes major changes to the album. All I can say is it sounds better this way and I don’t think I’m over-producing it at all.

I can set a release date as January 2014 and I actually feel confident about that date! :)

That’s the good news, but I will also mention some very sad news: on October 31st the Canadian music world lost one of the great “behind the scenes” people, Simon McAully who I had the pleasure of working with a few times over the years when I was playing keys for Ray Lyell. Well known as one of the best lighting techs around, I knew him when he was more involved with management and I can actually say he was one of the very rare ones, a GREAT manager who actually CARED about people! Always looking out for everyone and making sure people were feeling good, and got paid too! He even took the time to build some high quality custom cables for me (with my name on them, lol!)  when 2 of mine were accidently taken by a stage crew. Another favourite memory is him taking orders for Swiss Chalet takeout for the 25-30 people from the band/crew/etc. He was always thinking about everything and everyone.

Update, October 2013

Lots of last minute changes in September, but I’m glad to say the album is finally getting there and sounding great! I expect mastering to take place in the middle of this month, meanwhile the album cover/inside sleeve art is being put together although it’s really just a question of what font to use at this point, all the art is pretty much ready to go.

And so, I’m happy to say that this will be a band-titled project, even though I’m treating it with the same degree of work and care that I took with my previous albums, I wanted to have a focus on a group sound. I think it was 2 or 3  years ago that Chris Lamont(drums), Dino Verginella(bass) and myself(keys/vocals) got together to rehearse and arrange some new material and then began recording. A lot of unforeseen delays occurred along the way, but I’m very glad to say that the spirit of those initial rehearsals lives on in the recording (you can still spot quite a few 3-piece moments)

Finding and adding the guitar players was a lot easier than I thought, all 3 of them (John Mamone, Kelly Kereliuk and Steve Cochrane) played brilliantly and creatively on their respective songs.

As soon as I have the CD in my hands, and the new website is ready, I’ll be announcing the title of the album and the name of the band. :)

PS I should add that I’ll still be maintaining this website in addition to the new band website.